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February 8, 2003 - Saturday
I found out yesterday from Harry's preschool teacher that he has not pooped at school in what was described as "weeks." He used to do it daily before his nap, as he still does on weekends (well, at least one of two weekend days), but that routine apparently stopped some time ago. It's rather frustrating that we weren't told of such a dramatic change in habit, but I suppose with a dozen or so kids in a class, maybe it's difficult to monitor such things (although, I'm not convinced about that). I happened to ask because for the last couple of weekends, more than that really, Harry had been acting a little like he did last fall on a couple of occasions when we knew it had been too long. Yet, he was never seemingly quite as bad off as on those previous occasions and, without the knowledge that he hadn't "been," we ruled it up to standard temperamental behavior. Why I really asked was to remove doubts and questions. Instead, it set off something of a parental panic. Harry was not in any overt discomfort, so we did not immediately use the "poop medicine" suppository that he (and we) so much abhors, going instead to the drug store last evening for a laxative (Senokot) that was supposed to work overnight, as well as some fiber dietary suppliment for the longer term. The Senokot did not work overnight, but a second dose in the morning produced some modest results by mid-day. Unfortunately, I can't believe that it was sufficient, from a variety of perspectives. Hopefully, all will be worked over the weekend; well, at least the immediate issue. But, clearly we have a task ahead to get Harry in a new habit.

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