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February 1, 2003 - Saturday
I went to bed last night cursing the coming weekend. Weekends mean keeping the boys active and distracted all day long and I'm behind on work and writing with deadlines approaching and encroaching. With the basement experience of Thursday I'm just frustrated by the lack of personal time that having two small children begets. It's selfish, sure, and I should enjoy every minute I spend with my children, sure. But, somehow, sometimes, thinking about the desires of inexperienced minds - the need to remove pots and pans for the kitchen cabinets, piling all toy vehicles in a closet, crashing random objects into other random objects, not eating and drinking enough for dinner, asking the same question over and over, making annoying saliva noises, whining, saying "I want..." over and over, complaining about, well, just about anything that comes to mind - is somewhat less than rewarding. I guess it's a good thing that their mother took them shopping for the whole morning. With afternoon naps, then late afternoon errands, maybe I was able to get a little breathing space.

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