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January 25, 2003 - Saturday
We bought this Build the Builder Scoop pop-up play hut as kind of an after thought at a going out of business sale. It wasn't too expensive and we thought Harry might get a kick out of it. When he opened it on Christmas morning it seemed to be his favorite present and we thought we had hit it big. Then, as both boys began to thrash around wildly inside it, we started to wonder if it was a good idea after all. I guess a month later we've kind of come to terms with Scoop. It is, without a doubt, still a favorite distraction and we're having some success keeping the boys from being too wild (it has been put away more than once due to too-wild behavior from both Jeremy and Harry and each independently) and for the rest of the fast movements we finally seem to have succeeded in getting the boys to leave two large floor pillows positioned as protection against the coffee table. Harry likes to pile all of the other pillows from around the room inside Scoop, but he at least leaves the big ones. He and Jeremy pile on each other, but I guess that's what boys do and it's something they will be working through for years. For us, well, at least we know where they are.

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