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January 22, 2003 - Wednesday
The basement: it's Harry's old favorite haunt, a new and different place to explore with tools for playing. Well, that was last fall and it seems now that the basement is growing tiresome for Harry. I've been down there with him, I guess, a fair amount and even built a firehouse for his birthday firetruck. But, the novelty is wearing off and today he said, when asked, that he didn't want to go down there, instead preferring to stay upstairs and play with mommy. It's not strictly the first time he's done that, but I guess it's the first time when it's been so forthright and certainly it's the first time he's stayed up when Jeremy and I have gone down into the basement. Yes, Jeremy, at the hearing of the word "basement" was up and on his way to get his shoes, even though mommy was staying upstairs with his brother. So, Jeremy and I who went down to the basement to do manly things for a half an hour or so. We pounded hammers and used screwdrivers and moved pieces of wood. Well, I guess Jeremy did those things while I watched and made sure he wouldn't get hurt or do something silly. He's higher maintenance in the basement than Harry, who likes to "work" on his own a lot, but that's OK. It's still quality time with my second son.

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