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January 26, 2003 - Sunday
We had our annual Super Bowl party today and it was a little weird. It was well attended and all and the people seemed to have a good time, and that's nice. But no one, not one person, stayed until the end of the game and that was a first and quite shocking to a sports fan like me. Of course, Tampa Bay won the game in a blow out and that didn't help, although many people don't really come to watch the game. The commercials were far from as entertaining as they usually are, and that didn't help the rest. And, we live a lot farther from everyone than we used to and that means long drives home on a work night. All those things contributed to the curiosity.

But, mostly the whole party was so different from years past because there were a lot of kids. There were six under three, including Harry and Jeremy, then two more somewhat older children and that is more than have ever been at our house at one time. It's not that everyone who came had kids, but as I sat there and watched both the game and the party, I couldn't help thinking of the dozens or perhaps hundreds of times that my family and my cousins got together and how there were two distinct generations, the adults and the kids. And, although we've had parties with kids before at our new house, somehow the volume of children at this event - essentially an adult-oriented sporting and entertainment party - made it more clear than in the past that I am now of that other generation, the generation, I suppose, that has to worry about when the other generation goes to sleep. So, all of the parents left early. I'm not sure about the others. I guess it was those other reasons.

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