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January 28, 2003 - Tuesday
"Dad'n." I'm Dad'n again, at least temporarily. Jeremy's actually said both Dad'n and Daddy several times in a row this evening and even came over to me smiling, saying Daddy, Daddy, Dad'n, Daddy." It felt like one of those classic toddler watershed moments where the lightbulb seemed to go on right there as you watch, but we've been thinking he's been using at least a few words for a long while now. The words have never been all that clear, save "mama mama mama," until today. Of course, "Daddy" isn't a hard word to say either, but he said it very clearly and with apparent pride.

While there have been theories, from ourselves and his baby-sitter, for a few weeks about what words Jeremy might be saying (no, don't, down, Mary...), there has been very little doubt that he understands a great many words and communicates very efficient with his very pronounced nods for "yes" or "no." For example, we'll ask whether he'd like some particular thing to eat and he'll nod. Sometimes it takes some trial and error to figure exactly what he wants to eat, but he'll hang in there and keep nodding "no" until we figure it out. And, then he'll nod "yes." Also, if I asked if he wants to go to the basement and he march right over to get his shoes. "Do you want a snack?" Jeremy will march into the kitchen. Mommy will says "bring this over to Daddy," handing him a piece of burnable trash and Jeremy will take it and march from the ktichen to the living room and the wood stove and hand it to me.

And, of course, there's bedtime. "Jeremy, are you ready for your bath?" He'll get up and go over toward the stairs. Sometimes he'll come straight over to me first, though if he doesn't his mother will say, "did you want to say goodnight to daddy?" and he'll march right over and present his cheek for me to kiss. He's all proud.

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