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January 23, 2003 - Thursday
I've heard said that the relationship between siblings changes dramatically when the younger one gets old enough to start asserting himself, rather than just looking up to the older one with marvel and admiration. And, certainly Jeremy has reached that point with Harry. He's now doing his own grabbing and we're starting to heard our share of "Jeremy's grabbing, not sharing, taking too long, banging,..." or whatever from his older brother in a loud, distressed voice. No surprise.

However, it occurs to me, too, that my relationship with Harry may well have changed with him at about the same stage in life: when I could no longer just pick him up and expect him to come willingly, or just have him along happily for the ride. As a parent, it's pretty much always about the child anyway, but I think that when it becomes all about the child on his terms and with his agenda, rather than all about him, but on the parent agenda it's not all that different in a core sense to the way Harry and Jeremy are learning to negotiate now. It further occurs to me that this transition happens some time around the time parents start thinking they're heading into the "terrible twos." I thinking there's no coincidence there.

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