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February 6, 2003 - Thursday
Harry's been learning his letters and has been doing pretty well understand the sounds each makes. And, for a few weeks now he has been asking what words start with a certain letter, except that his question always comes out backwards.

"What does 'A' start with?" he will ask, or "what does 'D' start with?"
We know what he's asking and will answer with "apple, alligator, ant" or "dog, daddy, dragon," although always preceding the response with "you mean, what starts with 'A'?"

This morning, for I think the first time, he asked the question the right way. And, while that's a nice little improvement, I think it actually signaled that he's getting it, because he started answering himself.

"What starts with 'B'?" he said. I started to answer with "boy and basement" and he added "ball." He did a couple of other letters before getting hung up on C and K. I told him he was doing great.

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