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February 19, 2003 - Wednesday
I got mad at Jeremy this morning at breakfast for overtly throwing food on the floor right after I'd already told him not to do it. Being so much younger than Harry, we tend to be gentler scolding him, as we were with Harry at that age. And, that's a conflict I'm constantly worrying about as something that might lead to Harry thinking we somehow favor Jeremy. This time with Jeremy I was more forceful, partly for Harry's benefit, but also because it was such an obvious testing of limits. Jeremy, not used to such negative reactions coming his way, slowly puffed out his lower lip in classic fashion and began to cry. I don't think he was faking anything either, although I'm not really sure whether he was scared by the bark or caught with guilt and self-conscious with wounded pride. It's not that he's so vulnerable either way, just that it's so unexpected and rare for Jeremy to be the recipient of that tone. In a sense, it hardly matters which it is. Jeremy is such a sweet boy, usually so positive and happy, and this is just another glimpse at that gentle nature.

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