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July 6, 2003 - Sunday
I knew it!
Well, at least I've suspected for a while that Jeremy wasn't entirely the sweet innocent little boy when it came to his facial expressions. He's very good at them and now I know he knows it. He can play the pout. He can play being contrite. He can tilt is head to appear angelic. And, he can do them all with a twinkle in his eye.

But, tonight, after I had to scold him for throwing food on the floor, he gave me his best chin-down, lower lip slightly out, eyes lowered expression of sincere contriteness. Then, after just a moment, when he must have sensed that admonition had ended, his eyes opened wide, his head tilted to the left, and lips quickly turned to his angelic smile. The problem is that it is an expression that's hard to not adore. And, the rapid sequence of the two showed that he knew it.

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