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July 8, 2003 - Tuesday
Tonight Jeremy talked to me over the phone:"Ad'n." He's been very aware of the phone for my last couple of trips, but this is the first time he's talked back. That followed a similar pattern to when Harry first started talking back to me over the telephone, first listening, then finally answering. Harry was a little more than sixteen months old at the time and Jeremy is now 20 months. Yet interestingly, Jeremy's language skills are roughly about six months behind where Harry was when he was just learning. New words are coming regularly for Jeremy, much like I remember they did for Harry in January and February of 2001 when he was just 14 months. It's just one example, but it suggests that understanding language, including how it is used, doesn't necessarily develop at the same pace as learning to talk. Indeed, Jeremy has been able to understand our words for a long time, perhaps beginning at a similar age as Harry was.

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