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June 4, 2003 - Wednesday
Jeremy seems to be following a similar pattern as Harry did with the phone, albeit a little behind in terms of using words. As Harry did when I went away on business trips, Jeremy has, for a few weeks now, been interested in the phone and my voice coming out of the phone, often giggling and looking into the phone. Harry was about 16 months old when he confirmed that he understood that it was a live voice coming out of the phone, answering mommy, then me about a week later by saying "mama" and "daddy" into the phone. Tonight when I called home Jeremy proved that he knew all about it, too. Although he did not say "dad" into the phone, I could hear him in the background calling "ad'n, ad'n, ad'n" from almost the moment his mother answered the phone. He clearly wanted to listen, and smiled when he heard me, but didn't quite understand yet that his job was to talk back.

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