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June 8, 2003 - Sunday
It probably took my an hour to make these two wooden tracks for Harry's train set. It will probably be quicker to make more now that I've figured out how to approach it. But, of course, it's time well spent. Although, the reasons are not as obvious or as purely altruistic as they might seem.

Of course, I do naturally feel a great joy in doing this for Harry and seeing him so happy is easily its own reward. His mother had him say "thank you," which he did (and does do now) with growing sincerity, but I'm not sure a three-year-old can understand about any self-sacrifice of others on his behalf. At three, all the world revolves around oneself, I'm sure. But, just the same I'm kind of hoping that by giving Harry a way for the trains to pass each other, maybe there'll be less crashing. These trains are Harry's favorite toy and giving him a new way to play with it and think about it will probably make it last longer. And, having Harry interested and absorbed almost always pays dividends. The track also just makes more sense now and that makes it more fun for me to play with...with Harry, of course.

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