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June 10, 2003 - Tuesday
I'm always trying to think of things to do with the boys in the afternoon, but sometimes it's the things that happen without much thinking that work out the best. Yesterday, I thought I could get away with taking the boys to the local high school were their mother and I will attend a local symphony's concerts next fall. What the heck, a new and different place is often good. I was a little worried that it might be locked, but the building was open. It was after school, but still surprisingly deserted and that was just the best for two small boys: empty, echoing halls for running.

Today, we decided to go to the "church tower" playground, but hardly played there at all. Harry wanted to go to the bandstand nearby, which we did after Jeremy got all bent out of shape about something having to do with the swing. But, before too long on a whim I brought them over to a nearby little league baseball field and had both of them running the bases and Harry wouldn't stop. And, what can be bad about that? Boys, running around the bases, with their dad. It was probably a Rockwell scene for anyone watching.

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