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June 11, 2003 - Wednesday
Jeremy has gotten very good at saying "help." Actually, it's more like "ehp" for him but the meaning is pretty clear. It started the week he was home with me (because his baby-sitter was ill) and he really caught on right away. In fact, he seems to take great joy in either simply saying it and being understood or in getting one of his parents to do something for him. I haven't quite figured out which. But, he always seems to say it with his own particular twinkle in his eye, much the same one as he uses (consciously we think) when he tilts his head for effect (or affect, as the case may be).

Two other somewhat related things come to mind. First, Jeremy seems to be turning the corner on using words. He's started to say, very proudly I mind add, "lawn mower." Interestingly, we call ours the "tractor," so lawn mower must have come from Mary's. He's started to use two word phrase, "du(m)p truck" is easily the most common, but there is also more complex "more dump." Indeed, "more" is a word that he's been using with great vigor for a few weeks, particularly in association with food. On the other hand, Jeremy is also becoming rather picky with food, often showing very little tolerance for food he doesn't like with near tantrums at the table that have on a least a couple of occasions led to his expulsion to the sofa.

And, that's the second thing: Jeremy is starting to really flex his will. Some of it is that he's approaching two, but just the same I think there's a strong willed, and in some ways devious (mostly in a fun-loving way) personality emerging. We'll see.

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