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May 23, 2003 - Friday
Jeremy's been home every afternoon this week and every afternoon after his nap when it was time to go get Harry at school all I've had to say is, "Jeremy, it's time to go get Harry," and he's immediately gotten up, marched into the hallway, and sat down on a box that happens to be out there so I can put on his saddles. There's no repeating myself, no two-minute warning, he's just ready, often before I really am because I'm so used to introducing such ideas to Harry a little in advance. But, I shouldn't be surprised. However outlandishly accommodating that behavior seems to be for a small boy, it's somehow remarkably normal for Jeremy. He eats well, he sleeps well, and he's usually such a happy boy. Oh sure, he cries, he whines (more and more now as he's becoming two), he pouts, and he gets impatient, especially just before dinnertime. But he still often finds a way to be endearing. This week I've been able to tell him to ask for "ep," or help, when he's having trouble. We've really had an awfully good time, my boy number two and me. If there were any lingering question about it (there wasn't, not for months now really), we're sure buddies now. His old Ad'n is arguably right up there with momma for this one-time momma's boy.

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