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May 21, 2003 - Wenesday
Never mind about that being positive thing. Harry was in a crabby, contrary mood today even before I got up and it was a lot harder to keep the experiment going. Still, I think I made it through the day without getting overtly mad at Harry. Certainly "scolding" is a qualified term, but I'm going to say that I did it only once today and in a farily calm, but direct manner. But there was really no question about it: Harry was being contrary while we were in the parking lot of a grocery store with cars moving about. Fortunately our car was very close and there was nothing prolonged about the incident, but it seemed essential that I not let it pass. I opened Harry's door and told him to get in, which he regularly does and did again this time, and then got Jeremy in the car. When I came back to Harry I was deliberate with him about why parking lots are not the place for fooling around. Yes, I told him about the cars that might be coming and also about all the parked cars that might move at any moment. It seems to me that random movements from parked cars is a more realistic potential worry for a small child, although I can hardly know whether Harry agreed. Other than that, there was no scolding.

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