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May 19, 2003 - Monday
Jeremy stayed home with me last Tuesday and it made for a pleasant day alone with my second son. But, it was a scheduled day with a trip to the store and the Home Depot so our direct interaction was somewhat predictable.

Jeremy stayed home again today, too, and this time Mommy went in late to give me a couple hours of work time, but then it was just Jeremy and me at home. And, it was great. I'd forgotten the relatively relaxed pace of an 18-month old (compared to two boys, one of whom is three). But more importantly, I just don't get to hang out on the bedroom floor with Jeremy all that much. I did it with Harry plenty, but Jeremy is usually one of two. So today, with Harry at school and mommy off to work, Jeremy and I played ball for more than a half an hour with Jeremy making me constantly smile by saying "ba(ll)" enthusiastically wherever the ball did something exciting, which, of course, for a small boy (and a big with his son) is about every 30 seconds.

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