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May 22, 2003 - Thursday
What is it about rocks? They are, apparently, fascinating things to young boys (perhaps to all young children, although my firsthand knowledge is with boys). Like Harry at about that age, Jeremy is starting to become a collector of rocks although, outwardly, there's nothing that's necessarily exotic about the collections he amasses on a given afternoon outside, save, perhaps, the hunk of asphalt he's holding in this picture or the admittedly novel flat rock carefully positioned with some others in a row on the lower strap of the stroller. On the other hand, I remember going for walks with Harry where he would gather rocks and I would relish in the relative serenity of the moment with my young son. If it's rocks that make them happy, I'm sure not going to argue with that.

I did not make it through Day Three of the experiment without scolding Harry. It was a gray and rainy day and we had just arrived after a very nice, indirect sight-seeing drive home from Harry's school and as we just as we pulled into the driveway and garage Harry started playing with his car window, making it go up and down repeatedly. I suppose it was nothing really, except that it was raining and water was getting in. I asked him to close it. I tried closing it from my driver controls, but Harry kept fooling with it. I usually don't like to use the driver seat lockout for the window controls because it seems like a fairly benign way to show a little bit of trust and Harry's usually very good about either answering (or announcing) first before he opens his window or at least listening when I tell him not to open it. But, not today. I told him to stop opening and playing with it several times, but instead of stopping he just started to do it more flagrantly, as if daring me to say something. I did and I would in the same situation again. But, at least this little experiment has got me thinking about Harry again rather than just reacting so much.

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