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May 24, 2003 - Saturday
Today was our second try at an overnight at cousin Chloe's house. This time, instead of coming down after naps as we did in March, we started out in the morning, stopping at Aunt Alison's farm on the way and getting to Chloe's by lunch time. I think that worked between because, aside from my two boys giggling at each other for 20 minutes instead of napping in the same room at a new place, we had more adult time after they did eventually fall asleep. That's especially true because the child waking hours almost necessarily revolves around the kids, seen here (and here) as we tended to there lunch.

I figured that naptime would be a bit awkward. Harry and Jeremy haven't ever napped together in the same room like this before and I figured that they were going to been fooling around, making faces at each other, for a little while. But, I figured better to go through that at naptime rather than in the evening at bedtime when we adults would finally be sitting down to our own dinner. Sure enough, we could hear them laughing throughout the house. We decided mommy would make two visits to quiet them down before, saving the "mad daddy" act for another inevitable 5-10 minutes of giggling, and I even had to do that twice. The funny thing was that when I went in the second time Harry was laughing so uncontrollably that he couldn't get back a straight face even when I got mad at him. I don't think I've seen that before with Harry. I acted even madder, but I could tell that he was trying to be serious so I pretty much just stood there until they were both calm. After that they went to sleep pretty quickly.

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