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June 15, 2003 - Sunday
Fathers Day was pretty good this year. There was nothing particularly special about it, just a lot of unexpected things that came together enough to make me think "this was a good day." This morning whilst in the bathroom I heard Jeremy calling "Ad'n" in his determined way. His mother had given him a new travel tooth brush. It was silly, but something I very much needed. We went to the beach with the three cousins. It was cold, but Harry and I made a ball roll. Harry and I saw a freight train just before lunch instead of the expected, and getting somewhat old, passenger train. Harry, Ben, and I played mini-golf again. As a bonus, a Fathers Day special let both Harry and me play for free. As a bigger bonus, I had five holes-in-one, including 3 in a row. Harry had 2, although both the second time he played the given hole, but that's no matter. We went to find mommy, Jeremy, Chloe, and Aunt Lisa and parked at a metered parking space. When we got back, a man was writing a ticket. I ran with Harry and explained that the meter must have just ended because was finished golf at 4:52, drove to the spot (at least 5 minutes), and it was only 5:30. It was all true and the man seemed to be in a generous mood. He stopped writing the ticket. Finally, I had to run out to get a bottle of Chianti for our not-so-fancy spaghetti dinner and got carded, by a manager no less who seemed to actually study my license fairly carefully. Maybe I'm not such a tired old piece, over the hill father after all. Lots of silly little happy moments. I guess that's a lot of what the joy of parenting really comes down to anyway.

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