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June 21, 2003 - Saturday
This was just an awful morning. The boys' mother was off early this morning to a business-related function and we were all over-tired due to Harry waking up during the last couple of nights (with what we learned later today was strep). I brought them up to Uncle Jon's house in "mommy's car" to fix the muffler and that could have been a fun ride in a different car. And, it really was save Harry's beef with my opening the roof. But, the intrigue didn't hold much after we got there. Harry was sick and whiny. I was tired and impatient. I was distracted thinking about helping Jon. He certainly needs no help, but it's nice to take the opportunity to socialize a little. Jeremy got his finger pinched in the door. Harry wanted to go outside. Harry wanted to go inside (too many mosquitos). Harry wanted to go outside. Jeremy didn't want me to leave him anywhere. With a headache myself I was really looking forward to getting home and getting the kids into bed for naps. Jeremy fell asleep on the way home, foreshadowing naptime disaster (which mercifully did not come - he did go back to sleep after lunch).

Heck, the details don't matter. It was the classic parenting nightmare of too little sleep, too little patience, and too much trying to think about something other than whiny, sick, needy kids. Nothing went very smoothly. It was a long morning.

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