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July 7, 2003 - Monday
Harry had an accident last evening. He's had just a few, but they've all been happening more recently. After a couple of months of no accidents following Harry's decision to wear underwear, he has, in some manner, become complacent. I doubt it has been a conscious thing on his part, although it has been accompanied by a change from Harry visiting the potty on his own, to our needing to encourage him almost all the time. More than that, when we have asked him whether he needs to go he's almost always answered "no," often vehemently, whether he has to go or not. He's actually needed to be "reminded" at school the entire time he's been in underwear and now that's the norm at home, too.

So, as the accidents have crept in we've tried to meet them with a balance of understanding and disappointment. Tonight, since his accident was a #2, we sat him down at bedtime for one of those uncomfortable, not overtly angry, but humbling discussions with parents that probably everyone can remember from childhood. Today, whether it was related or not, Harry was in as good a mood as I can remember. He was exceedingly polite, cooperative, and anxious to please.

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