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July 20, 2003 - Sunday
Call me an overly proud parent, but I think it's really quite amazing that Harry can listen to an orchestra playing, even something he's never heard before, and recognize many of the instruments. This morning, as we regularly do on Sunday morning's at breakfast, we listened to art music. Today it was Brahms Piano Concerto No.1 in d minor and right away Harry noted the kettle drums, the violins, the cellos, the flutes, and the trumpets. Heck, I know plenty of adults that can't do that. And, it's not that he's necessarily been overly coached, although we have listened to Peter and the Wolf and have often talked about the instruments. I think having a Buckwheat Zydeco CD (Choo-Choo Bugaloo) that ends with individual audio clips from the various instruments used helps as much as anything getting him thinking about musical parts. The rest is just the highly absorbent brain of a three year old at work.

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