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July 21, 2003 - Monday
Harry vomited three times during the night last night, two times on the floor of his room and the other, the second time, in our toilet because he had made it into our room to say he still wasn't feeling well. Of course, we're mean parents because at first we thought he was fooling around, acting like he needed to pee, then poop, then eat in the middle of the night and got a little stern with him for not going back to sleep. Then, he vomited and we felt guilty. Of course, Harry felt equally bad, I'm sure, about vomiting on the floor two times and when his mother went in to see him in the morning he offered overly charming praise: "You and daddy did a great job cleaning up last night." I guess positive reenforcement works both ways.

Getting sick was probably just something he ate, because after a second breakfast and by about 10:00am eat was flying off the walls like his normal self and I ultimately decided to bring him to school after monitoring him for a couple of hours. Maybe I really shouldn't have, but he was indeed fine all day. More interestingly, when we got to his class, at least three kids jumped and called out "Harry" and "Harry's here!" It was a Cheers-like "Norm," except on a preschool kind of level. It was worth bringing him to school just to see how popular he has become among some of the younger kids that have moved into his class recently.

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