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March 18, 2003 - Tuesday
Last Friday, a day after Jeremy visited his Harry's school for the morning, Mary, Jeremy's daily baby-sitter, told me that she had decided to keep Jeremy five days per week. She had previously felt she needed to cut down on work sue to nagging physical issues and that keeping a day to herself would be a good idea. She did cut back on the time she will take some other children, but apparently not Jeremy. We know that she has become quite fond of him and this is really just another example of that. She's a wonderful and positive woman, two daughters now in their twenties, who loves children, and particular ones she gets along with. Jeremy is the king of the house when he is there.

Still, there was another potential issue, a biopsy that she had last Thursday, that remained a question and yesterday it thankfully came back negative. And, today we confirmed that with that concern gone that Jeremy will still be king of the house. With an older brother at home, we like the idea that Jeremy is king somewhere.

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