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March 20, 2003 - Thursday
I got a little upset with Harry, in a calculated way (although I always wonder whether my calculations in this matters are correct), this afternoon when he peed in his Pull-up shortly after not peeing in mini toilet at school. He's never used the "potty at school" and I dare say is intimidated by it. But, since he's been doing pretty well at home with peeing in the potty, I took an opportunity this afternoon to take him into the school bathroom myself and help him try. His teacher said that he'd been dry all day and that seemed to suggest that it was a good time to make a potential potty training advancement. Alas, he could not bring himself to pee sitting on the potty at school. So, when he did pee in his Pull-up a short time later, I made it clear that I was disappointed that he had apparently not tried very hard at school.

Is that too much pressure in this delicate area of learning? I hope not. I didn't berate him, although the tone was clear, earnest, and direct, and tried to focus on the fact that he should have tried when he was sitting on the potty at school rather than that he had peed in his Pull-up. Hopefully, as with all this potty training stuff, he got the right message.

Maybe so, after dinner he actually asked to go pee in the potty and did. That is a first.

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