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October 5, 2003 - Sunday
"Are you and mommy getting married?" I'm pretty sure Harry's mother must have been explaining that today is our anniversary and that's why we were going out to a special dinner by ourselves.
"We did get married, twelve years ago on this day. Just like you have a birthday each year on the day you were born, mommy and I like to celebrate the day when we got married."
"This day?" That's Harry's very cute form of 'today.'
"Well, yes, this day is our anniversary, but we got married on this date many years ago."

That seemed to be enough. At three nearly four, Harry certainly has no sense that his parents weren't always together. "Married" is likely just a word, and a word that really doesn't affect him at this point in his life. For him it's a day like any other day. And, with two boys around, I suppose it's pretty much the same for his parents for most of the day. But not all.

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