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October 7, 2003 - Tuesday
I guess it's certainly understandable that Jeremy would learn to speak from listening to Harry, but also that Harry would pick up phrases from Jeremy; perhaps because they sound funny or perhaps because he thinks that's the way to talk to Jeremy. For example, Harry regularly talks to Jeremy about "ding-dings," Jeremy's oft-used term for trains: "Look, Jeremy, a ding-ding."

It's a little annoying, I have to admit, because I don't think it does either one of them much good. Harry can speak much more articulately than that and I never thought talking baby-talk helped kids learn. Still, there's not much one can do about it. I'm sure they'll be teaching each other words for years, and certainly a lot worse ones. Harry already loves Jeremy's "bum store" for the place that has the drum sets.

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