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September 13, 2003 - Saturday
"Wanna see this?"
No, I don't particularly want to see your open mouth with half-chewed food inside. No, I don't really want to see the color of your tongue. No, I'm not really interested in seeing you crash a train into the sofa or watch you spill the dominos all over the floor, even if it is the front loader dumping rather than just a random act of silliness.

"Wanna see this?"
I heard one of Harry classmates say that a couple of weeks ago, just prior to doing some clumsy, non-sensical piece of gymnastics that looked like a four-year-old trying to imitate a football lineman trying to do a handstand. Then I heard it again almost immediately after that and before something else that was equally uninteresting. Then, I left with Harry as soon as possible.

"Wanna see this?"
I now hear it all the time from Harry. I guess I shouldn't take the question so literally. It only leads to literal, albeit under the breath, answers. Perhaps next time I'll just try to imagine him politely asking, "oh, father, how would like to join me in a friendly game" or "father, I'd very much enjoy it if you had something new upon which I might devote my attention." I'll have to work on that.

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