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September 6, 2003 - Saturday
I was in the Detroit airport this morning, getting off a plane on a business travel layover. There's a bright red train, actually two that pass each other running the length of the A terminal and stopping in the middle, overhead at what would be about mezzanine level. It was quite early in the morning when I got there and looked up with some random passing thought about the architecture and being in the 21st century. Then, I thought about the logistics if Harry and Jeremy had been there with me. We need to stop and admire the train. We'd have to go up and ride it, maneuvering them up the escalators and herding them onto the train. Of cours, they would look out over the airport and love it. It made me smile. Having eschewed it initially. I went up and got on in the center of the terminal and rode the rest of the way to my departure gate.

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