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September 3, 2003 - Wednesday
I've started to do something with Jeremy that may or may not be a really good idea. I've been letting him sit on my lap in the "dat deat," and sometimes stand on the seat between my legs, holding the steering wheel after dropping Harry off at school while I drive through the parking lot. The possible bad part of this really has nothing to do with the fact that a toddler shouldn't be in the drivers' seat of a moving vehicle. The car never gets anywhere close to the posted 5 mhp speed limit in the parking lot of this particular senior citizen and childcare facility and, while Jeremy does absolutely love holding the wheel, he doesn't have the strength to turn it or stop me from turning it and there is really nothing dangerous about it. So, we drive from the drop-off area of the school, through a little underpass part of the building and up a little hill before we stop near the end of the driveway and I put Jeremy in his seat. The entire trip is probably less than 100 yards. The first time I stopped and lifted Jeremy from his dream spot he complained as expected, but not too much and today, the second time, he happily accepted his fate as the necessary result of his getting to drive in the "dat deat." Very mature.

So, the bad part is that this could easily become something Jeremy two-year-old head starts to see as a right rather than a privilege and something that becomes hard not to do every morning. But somehow I think I can live with that with Jeremy. It's more fun to see him so happy.

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