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September 1, 2003 - Monday
This morning Jeremy used the potty. He sat there as he has practiced, although this time with no diaper, and pushed real hard and peed in the potty. His mother, who was there, says when he had done it, he knew it and pointed to the potty saying "pee." She had him call down to me in the living room (he does that now every night after his bath so I can run up the stairs and say 'goodnight') and there he was standing at the top of the stairs all proud. Of course, after that he wanted a big boy pull-up diaper.

Now, we went through this with Harry at about a year and a half right after we got the potty. His initial interest, fascination, and test run with the potty lasted only a short time and then it was another year and a half before his decided he wanted to use it again on a regular basis (save each evening before his bath). I guess the odds on bet is the that same thing will happen with Jeremy. On the other hand, Jeremy has his older brother - his personal roll model and hero - to watch and he clearly understand plenty about whats going on. We're not going to get ahead of ourselves, or him, on this, but maybe...

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