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September 15, 2003 - Monday
There was a young puppy at Harry's school when I got there this afternoon and Harry was one of about eight kids who were hovering around it, touching, reaching, and patting; intimidatingly to the puppy I'm sure, but mostly gently. It was interesting to me that Harry was so patient about waiting for his turn and not bullying his way in as some of the other kids were doing. I actually had mixed emotions about it, wondering whether he was being appropriately gracious and respectful to the puppy or whether he was letting himself be pushed out of the way by the less self-aware kids. Admittedly, he was smaller than most, because this was in the Pre-K room rather than his younger Preschool room, but as much as I love the first option, I worry that Harry can be very self-conscious.

Of course, Harry liked the puppy and thought it was very soft. "Maybe we could get a puppy," he said as he and I stood back a moment looking at the puppy.
"I think we will get a puppy someday, Harry," I answered, having always thought a house and a boy needed a dog. "I had a puppy when I was a boy and she was my best friend," I added, wistfully imagining Harry happily playing and talking with a dog just as I once did.
"Maybe Jeremy could get a puppy, too, and we could have two dogs. And, maybe mommy and you could each get a puppy," Harry added, showing his wonderful, growing sense of others.
"That's very nice thinking, Harry" I said, wondering whether Harry is quite old enough for a puppy.

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