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September 19, 2003 - Friday
Jeremy's continued to use the potty just about every evening before his bath. Sometimes, of course, he'll sit there and nothing will come, but that's to be expected. When he does have some pee, he'll often tell me about it when I say goodnight to him at the top of the stairs. (He always calls down now after his bath and I go running up to say goodnight.) He'll say, "pee," and I'll excitedly ask him, "did you pee in the potty?" He'll nod or say, "ja," and I'll tell him I'm very proud.

Tonight, however, he said something else: "bih," meaning big.
I didn't quite understand at first. "What's that Jeremy?"
"Bih," he said again pointing at his diaper in an obvious and frequently used indication of something down there.

Big. That was a new one and it wasn't particularly clear what that come mean, but he was quite proud of it whatever it was. I ran through the various possibilities in my head and took a stab:"did you pee in the big toilet?"

He and his mother both nodded and I acted, not acted but was, very surprised and impressed and told him so. "Wow! Jeremy. That's very good! What a big boy" and other such things. Apparently, he had insisted and mommy helped him do it.

Perhaps the most interesting part was to see how proud of it he was himself, smiling and turning his head in false modesty. Jeremy's facial expressions have always been quite revealing, and he's been proud of himself before, but this was quite striking. And, perhaps rightly so.

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