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Feb. 9, 2000 - Wednesday
It's comfirmed: Harry is interacting. Ever since his new responsiveness on Sunday, I've been making faces and sounds for him nightly and he's been absorbed in trying to make noises back. He's still not very good at duplicated any specific vowel sounds yet, but as he tries to respond his little nose will wrinkle and his month will change positions and then he'll blurt out a "gah" or "aah-goo" or an enthusiastic "aah" squeal. Since, he's done this so regularly now, there's little question that he not only is excited about the little game we play, but also apparently starting to realize that he may have control of these noises that come from his mouth.

Before Harry was born I thought that baby talk was an undignified capriciousness of new parents and that I would speak to Harry in an adult voice. However, he seems to respond better to the higher sounds - in fact, I've read that babies tend to hear higher pitches better than low ones - and it seems far more important for Harry to be interactively engaged with me than for me to save face.

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