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May 1, 2000 - Monday
This evening Harry's mother and I went to a chamber music concert
in which all 6 of Bach's Brandenberg Concertos were performed. Harry's grandfather was unavailable for baby-sitting and we actually considered bringing Harry to the concert. Ordinarily, I wouldn't even consider it, but this was a free concert at a local music college and I thought we might be able to sit in the balcony and not offend anyone. Much to my delight, Harry's usually very good listening to music and often sits and just kicks his legs for more than a hour when I play for him. I thought he might be distracted enough to make it through until he feel asleep.

But, our concert etiquette got the better of us and Harry did not come. It's too bad I suppose because there were other kids there and I did even hear a baby whimper once. I think it might have been all right, but perhaps we would not have enjoyed the excellent performances of the 4th, 3rd, and particularly the 6th concertos as much we did. And, Harry apparently spent a wonderful evening with a friend from his mother's work named Whitney. She reports that she and Harry are great friends and perhaps that and his increased social awareness are better for him at this point in his life than even Bach.

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