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April 30, 2001 - Monday
When Harry's mother and I are getting ready in the morning up in our bathroom and bedroom, we usually have Harry in there, too. He'll occupy himself with various toys that are up there, or chase the cat if he's there, but one of the places he's always loved is where I hung my pants. We have an open walk-in closet and Harry gets quite a kick out of running into the pants and hiding. I've got to believe this is a direct result of Harry playing in the curtain at the lab.

Another thing that Harry often does in the bedroom is to play with the cat on the other side of the door. Because the carpet is somewhat worn in the door area, the cat can get his paws under the door. Harry thinks this is very funny and often dangles ribbons for the cat to try to grab. It's very entertaining, aside from the constant worry that Harry will get too close and one of the cat's claws will eventually find Harry's little hand.

More a month ago when Harry was playing like this, the cat went away from the door and, thus, stopped playing. Harry was somewhat befuddled and annoy, so I asked him "where did the cat go? Apparently it made quite an impression. He's been walking around saying "catgo" ever since.

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