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August 19, 2001 - Sunday
"Don't like it," has just emerged as one of Harry's stock phrases and I'm betting it will be around for a while. By yesterday Harry had worked out "like it," but the positive sound of it was just a facade. Harry is almost two and there's a posture that is emerging that is a lot more negative. So today, the addition of "don't" to "like it" was no surprise, and really just more articulate.

On the other hand, Harry's not all negativity. He's actually generally quite happy and often very helpful. As with the dishwasher, and putting his toys away (every now and then), he's now in the habit of helping with the laundry. He'll stand beside the dryer and throw the wet clothes in as his mother drops them from the washing machine onto the dryer door. It may not sound like much more than cute, but it means that she doesn't have to constantly bend up and down moving the clothes from one appliance to the other. Of course, it does take a little longer, Harry only really able to throw one wet item at a time. But, that's a far trade.

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