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August 26, 2001 - Sunday
Our next door neighbors had their second annual barbecue for the neighborhood this afternoon. Last year, Harry slept for the first half and then pretty much sat in our laps. That was not the case this time. Harry's not much for sitting still these days and that meant his mother and I were constantly watching everything he did and everywhere he thought he needed to go. Fortunately, there was a sandbox with a toy front loader where Harry seemed content for stretches of time by himself. His mother seemed to spend more time with him there away from the party, but I felt that as long as he was happy and we could see him, there's nothing wrong with him being alone. In fact, I've often thought that Harry needs to spend time alone and become comfortable being alone by himself. That's particularly true with Jeremy's pending arrival, as he is sure to be in situations where he needs to entertain himself. But, I think being comfortable with oneself is very important in the long run as well.

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