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August 29, 2001 - Wednesday
Harry's newest phrase is "daddy doing?" That's short for "what's daddy doing?" and that's a phrase Harry's mother has used to commiserate with Harry about some silly little thing I might be doing to entertain him. I hadn't noticed her saying it too much, but I guess Harry has and now as soon as I make a funny noise or a silly face, Harry turns to her and asks "daddy doing?" I'm not sure whether to be flattered or self-conscious. At least he's noticing me and maybe that good for now. Other than "daddy doing?" Harry is going through a distinct stretch of favoring mommy. He done that before with both of us and it doesn't really bother me, though this time rather than showing a clear want for one of us, he has taken to saying "no daddy," meaning he doesn't want daddy to play with him and mommy. I can't help but wonder whether there isn't some specific cause for it, like she being more lenient than I with regard to Harry's whining and unsavory behavior, but I try not to think about it too much and just let them have fun together. I spend more time alone with Harry as it is and during those times he's usual quite comfortable with dad so things can't be too bad for him.

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