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August 31, 2001 - Friday
Harry and I stopped by the library this afternoon and picked up a few books to bring home. He's really become quite familiar with the place and knows exactly where to go for the children's room and the process for checking out books. I usually have to hold most of the books we get, but he always insists on carrying at least one to the desk and giving it to the librarian with a knowing "check out." Unfortunately, over the last two times we've been there, and especially today, Harry has gotten a little too familiar with the books in the stacks and has started pulling several out at a time. It's a hard thing to discourage, too, because he shows all the right signs of opening them, admittedly briefly, and thinking that they might be good to "check out." I might try to teach him to take one at a time, but I'm sitting there with two or three in my hands that I will be taking out for him. The subtleties are tricky and will require a game plan that I don't have yet when we go back.

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