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September 1, 2001 - Saturday
Harry attended his first wedding today. It was the wedding of one of my cousins and took place at a 18th-19th century recreation village. This place is open during the days for paying visitors, but after hours apparently hosts these weddings in the old 18th-century church with the walk-in pews and receptions in the period tavern at the other end of the town common. Harry liked walking around and going into the pew to sit, and actually did pretty well being relatively quiet through the first five minutes of the ceremony, including a moment of silence when he only called out for music once. However, five minutes was long enough and his mother took him back outside after that for the short remainder of the service.

We were told there would be a side room in the tavern where we could put Harry when it was time for sleeping and we did that. And, in a manner of speaking, the whole thing worked out just fine and it was fun to have him there. On the other hand, we'd kind of been given the impression that other kids might be at the wedding and that Harry would fit in just fine. There were no other kids, and that made Harry a bit of a novelty I suppose, but it also meant that we were the only people running around after a toddler and not socializing so much with the other guests. Harry's a good boy and I don't think anybody thought twice about him being there, but maybe it would have been more relaxing for his mother and me if we had gotten a baby-sitter instead.

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