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August 30, 2001 - Thursday
The local playground where Harry and I go has a number of ladders of various sizes and sharps and before today Harry had shown only a fleeting interest in them. I've worried about Harry climbing before and have generally tried to discourage him from trying, talking to him about how high they are for a little boy. But, today Harry was not going to be dissuaded from trying. I suppose I could have picked him up and taken him off of it as I've seen a few mothers do with small children. But, Harry seemed quite intent on climbing and blocking his desire didn't seem like a battle worth fighting, especially if I was there to spot him the whole way. In the back of my mind I was kind of hoping he might slip and fall a little. I'd be there to catch him and he would learn how dangerous these tall ladders can be. That did not happen. In fact, it did not happen during any of the five or six times Harry climbed up this ladder in succession. I'm sure Harry will fall at some point, but at least I get the sense that he's appropriately cautious when he tries things like this and maybe that's all a can ask for. He's a boy and he's going to learn with or without me.

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