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August 21, 2001 - Tuesday
Following Harry's interest in words over his vacation, I decided to try something yesterday that I had seen before. At breakfast I started to write words on 3x5 index cards for Harry. These aren't flash cards or testing cards. It's just a little game with letters and words and something that Harry might like. And, he took right to it. In fact, this morning we did it some more until Harry was seemingly done eating breakfast. He kept saying "more, more," but thrusting back any food item that I put near his tray. Finally, he said "more picture" and I got the clue. I answered "more writing?" He said, "more writing."

When Harry's mother got home last evening she saw that one of the white cards with blue magic marker writing said BLUE FINGER (top of picture above) and asked whether we shouldn't stick to "real" words. Of course, with an inquisitive toddler playing with anything in front of him, "blue finger" turned into a very real word. Notice the HOT card in the right-center of the picture. Notice how the letter H is smeared. That didn't happen on its own.

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