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December 26, 2001 - Wednesday
I'm back to enjoying Harry's bedtime. We've gotten back into a routine and Harry and I both seem pleased to know how things are going to go. What once was singing songs, then requests for specific songs, then random requests and awkward fidgeting so Harry didn't have to fall asleep has matured to Harry and me lying on his bed together for a similar amount of time and just talking. There are many topics that come back night after night. The backhoe and construction site up the hill is one of them. The individual names of each finger is another. But, there are new things, too. Tonight was particularly nice because Harry seemed to have a bit of a breakthrough with pronouns.

Harry's been using pronouns for a while now, but still often saying things like "come get you" instead of "me." Tonight after Harry made a similar slip, I said, "you would say 'talk with me.'" Harry thought for a moment, then got a bit of a grin on his face and said, "talk with me." I commended him for his fine grammar and he responded with a very self-satisfied smile. Since we were on the subject and it seemed he was thinking, I went on to say, "and you'd say 'my bed.'" Harry smiled and confidently said "my bed." I said excitedly, "that's right, your bed." I think he was getting it.

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