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July 23, 2001 - Monday
On Saturday, I bought a Raffi CD, "Bananaphone," for Harry. I've wondered about how important it is for Harry to hear "children's music" given that he's taken so well to other types of music, but decided this particular Raffi CD wasn't so simplistic and maybe it would appeal to Harry. It was worth a try anyway. It is straightforward enough though so that Harry could latch right onto it, with words that were easier for him to understand than many other songs and a strong beat that gets him excited, and that's exactly what happened. Right away in the car after we came out of the store, I put it on and he got into it right away. This morning when Harry was eating a banana for breakfast, I put the title track on again and started to sing and Harry immediately started repeating some of the easy sounds and words himself. It seems like a success.

But, the real musical excitement of the day came this evening as I was singing Harry to sleep. The first song I sang was "The Way You Look Tonight," which has a bit of a pause between "just...the way you look" and "tonight" at the end of each verse. And, before I ever sang the word tonight after the first verse, Harry did. He was really singing it, too. Perhaps not completely in tune, but there were two distinct notes with "to" and "-night" and the first was higher than the second, just as I went on to sing with him.

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