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June 20, 2001 - Wednesday
I thought the days might be passing us by and Harry taking another step toward growing up and heading off to college, but tonight at bedtime he insisted again on lying on top of my chest as I sang him songs to go to sleep. I suppose it has been rather hot for a while now in the evenings and maybe it's just that simple, but it seemed like Harry wasn't as interested in lying with dad at bedtime. He's certainly still interested in the songs and seems to be getting a little bit picky, calling out "more" during songs he doesn't like or doesn't want to hear. But, over the last week the routine has been a little different, with him lying beside me and fidgeting. I know the day will come, and probably fairly soon, and Harry won't want dad to hold him at bedtime or even sing songs. But, I'll take it without objection while it lasts.

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