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October 4, 2001 - Thursday
We've been trying to brush Harry's teeth for several months now with varying degrees of success. Sometimes he straight-out "don't like it" and sometimes he does but insists on doing it himself. Then, it's mostly just a lot of sucking on the toothbrush, but every morning and night we do go through the motions and generally end up helping him. Kiddie toothpaste was a novelty when we started using that a few weeks ago, but that also exacerbated the sucking desire. The latest gain in teeth brushing is to get Harry up to the sink using the step stool, a current favorite piece of furniture for Harry. For more than a week now, he's happily stood there at the sink, even rushed to go brush his teeth at times. It hasn't solved all of the other problems, but at least he's a bit more tolerant when we have to help. And, he gets quite a kick out of spitting, though he can do no more than make a spitting noise for the time being, and pretending to drink water from the cup of his hands as I always do after brushing.

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