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October 7, 2001 - Sunday
This Columbus Day weekend assembly in the cabin is something that my friends and family have been doing for several years and there is inevitably a house full of people and activity. Today there were as many as seventeen people going in and out of a small cabin and I dare say Harry reached a point when he needed a break. It could have been that in all the activity Harry felt his parents weren't paying him enough attention or that for the second day in a row his routine was not normal, but whatever it was Harry was ready to sit down and read a quiet book. His mother took him into the only closed bedroom in the house and did just that with him and after that he was ready to go again.

The remarkable part of this to me was that Harry never lost his cool or had a typical toddler meltdown. There was, happily, no major declaration on his part, no tantrum, no provocative behavior, and I wouldn't be too surprised if few other people ever realized that Harry needed attention. He did start to request that we "go home," but after his mother gave him his necessary personal time, he was just fine, especially with the cows.

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